Who can adopt the child?

Prospective adoptive parents (PAP): – who are physically, mentally, and emotionally stable, financially capable and who do not have any life-threatening medical conditions are eligible to adopt.
The minimum age difference between the child and PAP/s shall not be less than twenty-five years.
Married couples with at least 2 years of stable marital relationship Both spouses must consent for adoption in case of a married couple The composite age of the married couple does not exceed 110 years
Single persons with or without biological or adoptive children can adopt provided they satisfy the following:
(a) A single female can adopt a child of any gender
(b) A single male is not eligible to adopt a girl child
(c) Age of a single parent does not exceed 55 years.
(d) Must have less than four children unless they are adopting a child with special needs, a hard- to-place child, a relative’s child, or a stepchild.
The age of the child that could be placed with PAPs differs based on the age of the PAPs on the date of registration as given in the following table:

Note: Section 57 of the JJ Act(C&PC) Act, 2015 and Regulation 5 of Adoption Regulations, 2017

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