Major Mentally Disturbed: Got care and love

Sixty year old Poonam was referred to Prabh Aasra by GMCH 32 Hospital. She had naked scap with lots of magots. According to doctors she had a severe accident and after that she didn’t take care of her wounds, which deteriorated her condition and someone left her at hospital. From the hospital she ran away thrice and was not in mentally healthy condition. She used to get aggressive off & on. On 07-09-2018 she was again admitted in hospital and this time she was bound to bed for her treatment. She also had frsh burnt skin above her chest and lower back area. She was not able to retrieve her address & was said to be unknown according to the records of the hospital. Hospital authorities claimed that she didn’t have any relatives to take care of her. So, she needed to be sent somewhere home for care. At the time of her admission on 11th sept 2018. She had a wound of 6X5 cm with Maggots still in her head and eyes. Regular treatment, care and dressing improved her condition very fast and within a few months she was normal but  mentally still she was under the effect of illness. She is under psychiatric treatment. As when she was able to tell us her address we contacted her family and after the recognition of her family on 12/19/2019 she was handed over to her whereabouts.

Helpless Lady: Sheltered at Prabh Aasra

ID NO 1870, Date of Admission at Prabh Aasra – 15-02-2020,

Smt Kuldip kaur.(name needs to be change as per the privacy)

Someone noticed. Depressed lady living in Kurali. She had no one to take care of. She was brought for admission in Prabh Aasra by police authorities and villages of vill Chutamali. According to them they had seen this lady working before but for the last few months this lady was unable to walk or use her right hand. She had been happily married but had no children. Her Husband died and she had no home of her own. She belonged to village Goslan near Kurali but the panchayat didn’t support her and did not even help her for her treatment. In Prabh Aasra her treatment was started but because of curfew & lockdown due to Covid-19 her treatment was delayed as no hospital was permitted to admit & treat. On 12/09/20 after opening of 4th stage she was referred to private Hospital Kaushal Hospital kharar for her hip joint treatment. She is still under her treatment and now showing improvement signs.


Sixty years old Poonam was referred to Prabh Aasra Kurali by GMCH 32 Hospital Chandigarh. She had naked scalp with lots of maggots in her scalp & eye. According to the doctors she had a severe accident & after that she didn’t take care of her wound, which deteriorated her condition & someone left her in the hospital.

From hospital she ran away thrice & was not in mentally healthy condition. She used to get aggressive off & on. On dated 07.09.18 she was again admitted in hospital & this time she was bound to bed for her treatment. She also had fresh burnt skin above her chest & lower back area. She was not able to retrieve her address & was said to be unknown according to the records of the hospital. Hospital authorities claimed that she didn’t have any relatives to take care of her. so she needed to be sent to Prabh Aasra for further follow up of her treatment as she didn’t need any hospitalization. At the time of admission on 11th Sept 2018 she had a wound of 6x5cm with maggots still in her head & eye. Regular treatment, care & dressing improved her condition very fast & within a few months she was like normal but mentally still she was under the effect of illness. She is handed over to Husband on 19.12.2019


An Unclaimed lady with a burnt face found in a village named Niholka, near Kurali.

(Due to privacy reasons name and address is changed.)

She was traced by a local volunteer Social Worker & informed to Police as she did not belong to Punjab. DDR was lodged & being Unknown she was sent to Prabh Aasra for admission by the local police of Kurali. Here she was admitted on 25.11.2019 & she went under care & treatment. PGI treatment was also followed up for her opened eyes & stuffy opened mouth.

They suggested plastic surgery for her in the near future. She was not able to recall her address because of depression & was also under treatment for conversions (epilepsy). About one and a half, she was able to regain her memory & told us about the village she belonged to. We traced her village through Google. It was Chaubepur of Udaipur District in Uttar Pradesh & also contacted local police of that district. Through Police Pradhan of that village informed the brother of Rano with our contact on 18th Jan 2020. Her brother talked with us & Rano. He reached Prabh Aasra on 21th Jan 2020 to take her sister back home. When we asked her brother the whole story of Rano we came to know about the accident.

According to her brother Sh. Amit Kumar S/o Sh. Sobaran R/o Gram Chaubepur, Teh. & Distt. Sitapur, P.S. Khainrabad, UP stated that he was married in the year 2011. One day in 2013 her wife went to her parents & fought with her mother. Or reaching back home she committed suicide in our house. On this, her parents complained to us & I was arrested with my mom, dad and eight months old son. My sister was left as she was already an epileptic patient & was not mentally fit. My mother along with the baby was kept in jail for 64 days, my father remained behind bars for 8 months, whereas I was retained in jail for 18 months. He further stated after the release of my mother, my sister was staying with her. One day the mother of the girl had gone out of the house in connection with the same job, her daughter Rano started to cook & she met with an accident while cooking because her face fell in the pot she was cooking with. She was under treatment when she left home. Amit claimed that he was still in jail at that time.


Original names are changed with imaginary names for privacy reasons.

Dildar Singh who was a judge by profession was suffering from a mental disorder along with his family. He was survived by his wife Bhupinder Kaur, daughter Harpreet Kaur and son Manjeet Singh in the house no. 845 phase 3B1  Mohali. Seeing the pitiable condition of the family, the residents of the area informed the government officials about it.

This was also highlighted in the media as a result of which the district administration took action and the family was admitted to the Civil Hospital Mohali. For their proper care, the Director GMCH Sector-32 Chandigarh, in his letter recommended that the family be sheltered in Prabh Aasra for care and rehabilitation.

In May 2013, a family friend of theirs, Kunal Bhardwaj, son of Triloki Nath, a resident of Patiala, came to Prabh Aasra and expressed his desire to take the family home to take care of them and take full responsibility for them. Dildar Singh’s family also wished to go with their family friend. The proposal made by Kunal Bhardwaj was discussed on the telephone with the District Authority and Director GMCH Sector 32, Chandigarh. To stay safe, Prabh Aasra Society asked Kunal to file an affidavit stating that he would take care of the family.

He confirmed this in an affidavit “That I am taking responsibility for Dildar Singh , his wife Bhoomi Kaur and son Manjeet Singh, daughter Harpreet Kaur.” “That I will take proper care of the main family and be responsible for the protection of their self and property.”

Covid-2019 Relief

Prabh Aasra made an effort to reach out to the poor, downtrodden, and homeless with the help of Police, Social Worker and local Volunteers. More than 7000 Ration kits(Cereals ,vegetables,Wheat,flour,Rice Salt) were dispersed to the needy with the support of Volunteers and donors. Following areas were covered:

a) Different villages of Distt. Mohali and

b) Tehsil Kharar

c) Kurali

d) Block Majari

e) Dera Bassi

f) Fateh Garh Sahib

g) Some villages of Dist Ropar and Ludhiana

h) Siswan and Dhanas area of Chandigarh

A very good response and support was received from Police, Social Workers and Volunteers for distribution of ration kits, masks, sanitizers and soap. A large number of donors came forward and provided good quantities of rations and cloth for making masks that came as a good help.

Date Items Areas
25/03/2020 100 Ration Kits, More than 100 Masks Khizrabad, Black Majri and Slum areas of Mohali
26/03/2020 Ration Kits & Masks Lakhnaur, Kalewal, Ghataur, Allapur, Rakauli, Suhali, Shahpur & Jhingran ( More than 200 families)
27/03/2020 Ration kits More than 100 + Families of Tiyood, Dhanas, Majri & Kurali, SAS Nagar
28/03/2020 32 Quintal Ration Kits  Balachaur &  Ropar
29/03/2020 32 Quintal Ration Distributed Mohali and Chandigarh areas
30/03/2020 More than 180 Ration Kits & 600 kits of Turmeric  Mohali and Chandigarh areas
01/04/2020 86 Ration Kits Distributed Mohrali, Sannipur, Malakpur & Teeud Villages
02/04/2020 28 Ration Kits (with 1 Quintal Rice) Mohali & Chandigarh areas
04/04/2020 200 pieces of Dettol Soap 7 15 pcs of sanitizers were distributed 35 Quintal ration  Villages near Mohali Distt.
05/04/2020 70 pcs of Sanitizers (100ml) 3 Ration Kits Labourer  to Police Personnels on duty in Mohali
07/04/2020 30 Quintal ration kits  Villages near by Mohali
09/04/2020 58 Quintal  ration kits Jagraon city & other areas of MOhali Distt.
11/09/2020 400 Ration Kitts Labourers at Ropar

Construction of Jhenjeri Branch

As the number of inhabitants are increasing to accommodate them, Prabh Aasra is expanding the Jhanjeri Branch so that we could accommodate them over there.

Especially the children who either lost one or both parents due to Covid, will be provided shelter/ help that are needed by providing rehabilitation opportunities to them.

Construction of Langar hall

Prabh Aasra has been working for the welfare of the society since its inception in 2004. With the care, treatment and rehabilitation. As on date there are more than 400 inhabitants residing in the society. The increasing inflow of residents is creating an urgency for us to expand our infrastructure to provide them the necessary services. As for making food for such a large number of people, we need to switch over to new kitchen appliances and areas, so that we can fulfill their basic need for food. We are currently using our cooking system to its full capacity. For establishing a Big langar hall as per the current needs we have started the construction of Langar hall project. Any kind of support from anyone will be highly appreciated inorder to make it worth and complete.

This building will help us to accommodate

This project will also help us in order to provide cooked food to the migrants and other needy persons who can not afford to have one or two meals a day.

No. of meals per day: 1800 (includes 3 times meal of a day)

Cost of cooking per day: 2800.00 INR

With the big insfrastudentre and boilers this cost will reduce to 1800 INR.

Needed for completing its construction is Rs. 5 crore (approx.)

Currently we have invested  Rs.3 crore  which is showing us a barrier to make it complete.